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Jasmine Kissed Vanilla Sky Natural Perfume Oil

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Dance with me under a sweet musky vanilla sky infused with the blooming blossoming of Jasmine.

If you have ever experienced the magic of
an evening where the jasmine
releases its aroma and merges into the heavily
saturated vanilla air – and loved it – then
I would love to invite you
to share a journey with me.
There is nothing that needs to be done.
This time in space is fully yours.
I will hold you and guard that space
 for you in which you can just be
and unfold the magic that arises
from the merging of both our souls.
Come dance with me under the fragrant evening sky.
The softness of the vanilla and rose will open your heart
and draw you in as if to say
‘welcome home’.

The patchouli and frangipani blended into a sensual amber, ambergris and ambrette base will entice you and offer you a feeling of a warm musky sensuality and openness.
Bourbon Vanilla, Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose Damask, Labdanum,
Amber, Dark Patchouli, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Frangipani, Bergamot & Benzoin

Lovingly created by nature - blended by Halka B.

100% pure Essential Oils in Australian Jojoba. 6ml Glass Roll On Bottle.