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Memories Natural Perfume Oil

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Out of Memories comes the sweet soft dreaming of the future.

I was inspired by the ancient stories where the linden trees have served people on their journeys throughout time by protecting, comforting and soothing them.

I bring forth memories of sweet times and by doing so,
I pave the path for your dreams to come
as the future is build upon the memories that you empower.

There is a gentle simple elegance within me.
I would love to share with you.
Dreams have been created and futures set
that speak of new horizons with lightness, softness and gentleness.
I carry the energy of the Linden Tree legend within me.
And invite you to join me on a journey of creation.
I love to pave the path for your dreams to come - as the future is built upon those thought and feelings, we call memories.
May memories rise from the magical depths
 that serve you and nourish you.
May you create new memories that will
inspire and guide your creations and new journeys.
May we together share those memories under the canopy of our hearts in the true spirit of the legends of the Linden Tree.
I like to ponder on the magic of life with you.
In simplicity, in gentleness and in joyfulness.
Because in memories lies our whole life ahead.
Chose them well.


Australian Premium Sandalwood, French Cypress, Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra), Neroli, Cedar, Linden Blossoms and Myrrh

Natural Perfume Oils contain 100% pure essential oil blend in Australian Jojoba Oil - alcohol free. 6ml Perfume Glass Roll On Bottle.

Lovingly created by nature - blended by Halka B.