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Myrrh Resin

Myrrh Resin:

Our beautiful Myrrh is of the highest grade harvested in Yemen. Journey to the heart a sweet, deep, woody aroma. Burn it by itself or together with our high energy Frankincense from Oman. There is no better energetic combination.


Myrrh resin has been used around the world for devotion ritual and within temples and churches.

    • Deep, rich, warm, earthy & sweet

    • Clears the air, is used in divination, regenerates the spirit and restores clarity

    • Cleansing, purifying, protection

    • Enhances a sense of strength

    • Promotes relaxation & aids in meditation

    • Has sensuous properties especially when burned together with Frankincense

    • Used also to promote sleep

    • Promotes a sense of serenity, sensuality and love

Our Myrrh is of the highest quality harvested in Yemen.


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