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MYRRH - COMMIPHORA KUA Socotra Island Limited Supply

Myrrh Resin:

From the Myrrh Family comes a rare and amazingly mesmerising scent: the COMMIPHORA KUA

Kua originates on the island of Socotra and is highly regarded as a healing resin for stomach problems on the country but in our case we just loooooove the scent. Unlike commiphora myrrha the kua is super deep and sensuous. It draws you in and transports you to mystical lands where a musky scent permeates the air. 

It is a rare resin and we got some offered - so there is as much as there is and that's it. If you love burning resins on charcoal or on a candle burner, do yourself a favour and try this beautiful gift from Mother Nature. 

Our Kua came to us raw and dirty - we cleaned it all up but did not sort the resins so enjoy a complete journey through the resins of Kua. 

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