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SIWAR KENTI Natural Perfume Oil

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 A sweet nectar to remind us that everything is possible and to trust as a journey can unfold in mysterious ways.

This perfume’s heart is unfolding from the mesmerizing nectar of the honeysuckle imbued with exquisite Broom and Australian Rose, lightened with playful Orange Blossoms and Melissa, laid into a base of Australian Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, Blue Cypress , Tonka Bean and Amyris Wood and with a special touch of our deep Siberian Fir and fresh Tomato Seed.

It is an honouring tribute to the amazing Royal Hummingbird, the archetype or the North direction of the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition. It represents trust, confidence and courage to accomplish the seemingly impossible all while teaching us a lot of stillness even when we are in motion. 

Hummingbirds are majestic teachers, physically not built to embark on epic journeys and yet, they do so easily. They find nectar even in unknown places and bring a smile to every person that stops to catch a glance of their playful beauty. 

When SIWAR KENTI calls, be prepared to play in new and mysterious ways.

Everything is possible! Sweet Life - here I come!

Essential Oils in SIWAR KENTI:
Honey Suckle, Broom, Orange Blossom, Melissa, Australian Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, Australian Rose, Amyris Wood, Blue Cypress, Tonka Bean, White Fir & Tomatoe Seed

Natural Eau de Parfum & Eau de Cologne: Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol & Natural Perfumer’s Alcohol
Natural Perfume Oil: in 100% pure Australian Jojoba Oil packaged in 6ml Glass Roll On Bottle.

Lovingly created by nature - blended by Halka B.

Please note that the Eau de Parfum & Eau de Cologne version of this natural perfume can only be sent via road within Australia and is not available to our international clientele - sorry.