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Sun Oil - Before, During and After the Sun

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Contains naturally protective actives that empower your skin

Ingredients: Cold-pressed oils of Virgin Coconut*, Moroccan Argan*, Pomegranate*, Black Cumin Seed*, Tamanu Nut*, Sesame* & Baobab* & Pure essential oils of Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pomegranate CO2*, Coffee CO2*, Australian Lavender, Seabuckthorn CO2*, Helichrysum* & natural Vit E

(*=certified organic)

Summer is sure on its way and the skin will need some help from you. Our Summer oils contain a ton of nutrients to help you with just that plus keep your skin beautifully hydrated, well nourish and silky smooth.

The SUN OIL can be used before, during and after exposure to the sun. 100% pure oils that contain naturally active protective components that help to combat the damage of harmful UV rays. Oils that are pressed from desert plants that protect themselves naturally to cope with the sun's harsh rays and oils that are naturally high in antioxidant to gobble up those free radicals that are created by exposure to the sun. Absolutely no oils are used in this blend that increase the skin's photosensitivity - which are just about all the fresh citrus scented oils that we all so love but are not beneficial to the skin in summer time at all.

This oil has a coconutty herbaceous scent and our clients have come to love the smell and associate it with a warm summer feeling and the beach. It has made its way through Australia, Africa and Asia when we were testing it on real people in different situations with wonderful results.

It can be used all over the body from hair, face to toe and will leave your skin wonderfully smooth. Love your skin that little bit more. Leave it free of waxes to allow to soak up the benefits of the sun like Vit D and to allow to detox via the pores when you sweat.

And of course, take it easy in the sun - this oil does not block anything - it just helps your skin do its job naturally. Be smart and work with the sun and your skin wisely.


Please note our oils can have sometimes fatty deposits of the plants in them - they are SUPER nourishing and melt straight away into your skin. We would be crazy to take the colour and the goodies out of the oils!