Damage to the skin can come about in many different ways. For over four years, we have worked with black cumin seed and tamanu oils to help with various skin conditions. Eczema and psoriasis are mostly due to an overactive immune system and we offer the black cumin seed oils internally and externally as well as the tamanu oil for external application only. Any skin damage like burns, bruises, cuts, insect bites, nappy rash, scarring, wounds that won’t heal and these days sadly often unhealed residues from cosmetic manipulations can often easily be healed with blends and pure tamanu oil. When working with skin damage, we mostly refrain from utilizing essential oils and rely on the pure power of nature’s creations only. For our younger generation or anyone who is prone to acne we highly recommend working with our cleansing oils and face oil for acne prone skin. We like to empower our clients by pointing out what has worked for others in the past but encourage them to do their own research into these oils.
Please note that all oils in our body & massage oil section help with dry dehydrated skin due to the nature of the products.

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